To create a group photo:
Access the account creation page from the Home Page by the "Create" button at the top right (in the menu on mobile).
Register by giving a name to your group (ex: Classe de Grande Section Ecole Ste Marie 2019-2020)
Upload your individual photo
Your first photo will be added to the album
The carousel allows you to see different themes with the same photos
You can invite up to 39 people (a total of 40 with you) to add a photo, the principle as for an online kitty is that everyone is invited to upload their photo.
All members can invite new members so if you do not have the email addresses of all members it does not matter, everyone can complete the guest list.

The themes will adapt in size (number of photos) as the photos are loaded (up to 40 people)
If you want to restart the order of the photos, press "Shake"

Come back to see the photos loaded, relaunch the members if necessary (for the moment with your own mailbox)

When you like a photo (Order / Theme) add it to your selection with the buttons at the top right of the photo, this version will be frozen for you on the "my selection" page

You find your selection in the main menu

From your selection simply select the photo (s) you wish to download in high definition without the "CrewPic" markings
  Everyone can select and buy the photo they want in the desired theme
In the My Selection page, check the photos you want to buy (the price of the photo (s) will be displayed on the right)
Click on the payment button in the right column
After payment, your purchased photos can be downloaded from the selection page
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