The principle of CrewPic is that each member of the group must upload their photo and can buy their photo,
the photo is personalized with the child's first name at the top right and the order and theme chosen, so each member buys their photo.
The photos are downloadable so that you can print them or have them printed online or at your photographer's place in the format you want (Optimized for large A4 formats).

Create your account
Create the class or classes (create group on the site)
Upload your photo if you must appear there
Invite participants (invite members) by simply entering their email address (Up to 40 people)
Each participant will receive a secure invitation and will be able to connect to the group to upload their photo
When you feel that the photo is finished everyone can add the photo of their choice, in the theme of their choice and the order of photos chosen in their selection
From the selection page it is possible to buy the photos by selecting them (tick the box (es))
After payment (3 € per photo) everyone can download the photo without CrewPic marking and has the option of printing it or having it edited by a photographer.

If you are a school establishment, we can assist you in setting up with parents to facilitate the procedures (invitations etc.).

You can contact
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